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Excel 2010 No Cell Icon

Excel 2007 introduced Icon Sets to Excel Conditional Formatting. Excel 2010 introduces No Cell Icon to Conditional Formatting. In Excel 2007, after applying your Icon Set Conditional Format, you would get something like this:

Figure 1: Icon Set Conditional Format

The problem, of course, is that the whole this is a mess. If the idea is to identify poor grades, you’d need to create extra Conditional Formats so that you could hide the undesired icons. Excel 2010 introduces No Cell Icon which removes the need for extra formulas and extra Conditional Formats. Here’s how it looks like:

Figure 2: No Cell Icon

By choosing No Cell Icon, Excel 2010 will omit the icons for the selected conditions saving you all the hassle of extra conditioning:


Figure 3: Result after applying No Cell Icon

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