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Microsoft Excel 2010: Office Button gives place to "Office Tab"

VERSION: 14.0.4006.1110

I have officially gotten hold of Microsoft Office 2010 Technical Preview and have it now running in a virtual machine for testing. The first thing we notice is that the Office Button has given place to the "Office Tab". Well, the name officially remains as "Office Button", but it does not look like a button to me. It is really a tab, but there you go:

Figure 1 & 2: Office Button (version 12) and Office Tab (version 14)

The cool thing, however, is when you click on this "Office Tab". Now, we have a nice-looking screen where you can choose options from. The feel is similar to the "welcome screen" of Access 2007. I think this is a much cleaner way to expose features than in Microsoft Office 2007:

Figure 3: Office Tab screen

When you click on "Print" for example, instead of the usual Print Dialog Box, you simply get all the necessary stuff on a similar screen. Sweet! However, the thing I did not like was the "back" button. I think it is unnecessary and confusing. It would be better to simply keep the other tabs visible and the user can simply click on a tab and move away from the Office Tab and go about her merry way. I hope Microsoft will realize this is a hindrance and keep all tabs visible.

The contents of the tabs remain pretty much the same except for the "Insert" tab. I will be looking at it tomorrow and posting some of the new stuff. It is time to hit the hay!

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Luiz Cláudio Cosenza V. Rocha Brazil, on 7/14/2009 10:55:56 PM Said:

Luiz Cláudio Cosenza V. Rocha

The first time I accessed the Office button panel (in Access 2010), I took a long time figuring out how to go back to the database.

I think it's ok to hide the other tabs in order to have more room on the screen, but I expected to find a "Close" or "Back" button at the right bottom of the panel.

Robert Martim United Kingdom, on 7/15/2009 1:13:25 AM Said:

Robert Martim


I think the Ribbon could be minimized, leaving only the tabs. It would make more sense like that. Especially because people had trouble discovering the Office Button originally... let us see what happens from until release.

Thanks for the comments.

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