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Office 2007: Customizing the Office 2007 Ribbon

I’ve been working with Office and the new User Interface (UI) since the first beta was available to me. There is a common complaint about “how difficult” it is to get around the Ribbon, that it is less productive, that you need more clicks to get to a command, yadayadayada.

Is the Ribbon larger? Does it take more screen space? Well, get that measuring tape out of your toolbox and measure it by yourself and be surprised after comparing it to the old toolbars. Are the commands more difficult to find? Have a go in creating and modifying a chart and let me know.

I don’t have the statistics for all those who complain about the new UI, but from those who I have heard the complaints they all have one thing in common: they have used Office for a loooooooong time and had way too many customizations for which they will die before giving them up. As for the average user, it probably does not matter that much as they were using a fraction of Office resources and had little customizations of their own (I am saying this one without the stats to back it up, just guesswork).

But I am a guy who loves change. I see change as challenge, except for the middle part (“lle”), and the new UI represents just that: a challenge. And challenges are opportunities. It keeps us on the ball, active, and shrugs off any possible brain rheumatism we may be prone to.

This is how the RibbonX book came to life and I am happy we have had good feedback on it. It is a pity we left out Visual Studio, but at the time we thought it was not mature enough to justify a chapter on it. After VS 2008, I am convinced things will have changed drastically for the better and, the publishers willing; we will have a second edition which will be much richer in content.

If you have any queries or want to discuss things further, drop me a line.

As Teresa would say: life is full of opportunities, celebrate them all!

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